We produce some of the finest black orthodox teas and golden tippy teas during the second flush period. Our strict adherence to traditional methods and our organic processes reflect the heritage and history that our company resonates with ever since its establishment over 100 years ago. Our reliance on historically proven techniques of growing and harvesting hand-crafted flavours of premium organic teas, intertwined with imported modern machinery, has given us a competitive edge, enabling the brand to sustain & excel over the years


We produce high quality black teas, green teas, silver tips, specialty and handmade teas from these tea gardens. The aromatic, fruity & muscatel flavours that have made Darjeeling tea a world favourite over the years depend on the terrain and geographical factors such as soil quality, altitude, moisture content in the atmosphere, among others. The unblemished leaves of our pristine Darjeeling gardens owe its heartwarming delicate flavour profiles to the enriching breeze from the mighty Kanchenjunga. Organic produce is locally, nationally, and globally protected. It guarantees the highest standards of quality, authenticity, and traceability across all our variants of tea available in the global market today.